Corporate réorganisations
Audits and due diligence
Personnel management
Compensation plans
Tax Advice



The above is provided through ongoing assistance in projects or professional support to solve everyday problems.


Trade union law and extraordinary operations

Our Studio provides assistance with various aspects of labour law relating to extraordinary operations, transfers and restructuring plans and, despite the complexity of Italian legislation and the rapid changes that characterise it, we are able to evaluate the individual business needs and adopt the most appropriate measures.

  • Assistance in relations with institutions and management of relationships with internal and external trade unions in the event of transfers, change of duties and other conditions of the employment contract, application of disciplinary sanctions, including the drafting of Supplementary Company Agreements;
  • Support during individual and collective disputes, providing representation and mandatory reconciliation services;
  • Consultancy in reorganisation and reconversion procedures of the company, following the transfer of a company branch, mobility procedures as well as other extraordinary operations: restructuring, tenders, contracts, collective redundancies and CIGS, ASPI procedures.


  • Analysis and monitoring of processes and company governance:
    - audit on labour law, social security and social insurance,
    - tax and fiscal audit,
    - revision of accounts.
  • Certification of operational accuracy for the purchase or transfer of a company;
  • Legal and administrative due diligence;
  • Constant monitoring and accuracy assessments.


The experience gained over the years and the daily interaction with Social Security Agencies and Public Administrations in general allow us to ensure efficient management of the personnel in line with the real business needs: from start up to cost assessment, to classification of personnel, through to litigations with Social Security and Welfare Agencies in addition to a timely preparation of each document for any legal obligation.

Administrative management
  • Assistance during the employment and suspension of personnel and collaborators;
  • Monitoring and verification of salary payments, the implementation of fiscal and national insurance contributions, and all other procedures required by law;
  • Control of employee attendances, certificates of absence, updating and maintaining obligatory documents;
  • Assistance with verifications, interventions and representation of the company before the regional or central social security offices and the Ministry of Labour.
Policies and procedures
  • Consultancy and assistance with the drafting of policies and management procedures;
  • Assistance for aligning multinational companies with Italian legislation.
Benefits and incentives

Analysis of management tools, incentives and salary for personnel. Verification of benefit and incentive systems and relative consultancy and assistance with regards to the management structure and controls during application. Management of flex benefits.

Personnel relations

Analysis of the situation; consultancy and assistance with individual and disciplinary disputes.

Professional services for the management of expatriate employees
  • Individual contracts;
  • Relations with the relevant bodies and institutions for obtaining work and living permits;
  • Relations with the Single Desk for Immigration and Territorial Directorate of Labour;
  • Assistance with registration at the relevant territorial bodies and attainment of health assistance;
  • Relations with welfare institutes and consultancy for the management of social security procedures for expatriate workers.


Analysis, consultancy and assistance in the drafting of compensation plans, in the evaluation of duties, definition of salary ranges. Preventive comparison of economic values of personnel with the averages of the external market and evaluation of pay structures and benefits.

Administration of personnel and payroll
  • Management of the legal and administrative aspects of payrolls and contributions using the most advanced IT systems, in order to provide interactive solutions for managing the workforce in a single process, all integrated with the attendance register and accounts reports;
  • Payments and contributions are processed with guaranteed results and certified with the competent authorities and institutions;
  • Continuous and ongoing support to personnel involved in the processing, tailored specifically to the needs of the company;
  • Development of processing projects according to the individual needs of the customer and management using tools which, although easy to use, provide highly advanced management solutions.
  • Our Studio has also developed and consolidated international payroll and consultancy projects for multinational companies, gaining credit as an expert in the management of the start-up for new branches of multinational companies in Italy, overseeing all the legal, administrative and fiscal aspects of the establishment of the Company, and the subsequent introduction and administration of personnel.


Administrative management

Control, consultancy and assistance for the application of Italian law in the field of taxes and contributions, VAT and international tax law.

Tax planning

Consultancy and assistance in identifying opportunities provided by fiscal law and the drafting of policies and procedures to optimise a company’s fiscal load.

Company evaluations and drafting of appraisals

Consultancy and assistance in the field of taxation and fiscal assessments, preparation of projects, analysis and evaluations, drafting of sworn appraisals.

Assistance in extraordinary financial transactions

Civil and tax consultancy, preparation of projects, analysis and evaluations to guide management in choosing the right tool for its business needs.

Assistance in litigation before tax courts

Consultancy and assistance regarding the possibility to initiate disputes; drafting of petitions; representation before Tax Commissions.