09/02/2023 - Services

730 2023 service

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ArlatiGhislandi, strengthened by its experience in the administration of the incomes of employed and self-employed workers, has implemented a 730 tax return form management service consisting of two different products:

- tax consulting, managed entirely through the support of a licensed consultant specialized in tax matters: the taxpayer is fully supported by the Consultant in the preparation of the Declaration;

- direct assistance, managed entirely through our Firm's IT support: taxpayers uses our specific web software to draft their own declaration to be sent to the Internal Revenue Service.

730 is a two-tiered consulting solution that guarantees the employer complete support that is in any case adapted to the needs and abilities of their employee or collaborator, facilitating or zeroing the complexity of the bureaucratic fulfillment and ensuring the correctness of the result.

AG is available for a more in-depth description of the service: please send a request to the dedicated email box 730@arlatighislandi.it or call 0254118659